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Value Pack Dog Food: Lamb Trotter & Bully Sticks, Dental Dog Treats & Chews Combo

Value Pack Dog Food: Lamb Trotter & Bully Sticks, Dental Dog Treats & Chews Combo

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Introducing our Value Pack: Lamb Trotter & Bully Sticks Dog Chews, the ultimate dental treats combo for your canine companion's oral health and satisfaction.

Munchbird's Lamb Trotters: Crafted through a simple air-drying process with absolutely no additives or preservatives, our Lamb Trotters offer a natural solution for dental care. Perfect for aggressive chewers, they provide a longer-lasting, hypoallergenic alternative to traditional trotters.

Features and Benefits of Munchbird's Lamb Trotters:

  • Grain and Gluten-Free
  • High in Protein, Low in Fat
  • Collagen-Rich for Healthy Coats and Skin
  • Joint Health Support
  • Natural Source of Calcium and Phosphorous
  • Suitable for Puppies 12 Weeks and Over
  • Natural Dental Chew
  • Longer Lasting, Mental Health Boost
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • Healthy and Nutritious

Introducing our Bully Sticks: Made from free-range, grass-fed beef, our Bully Sticks provide long-lasting enjoyment for your furry friend. Here's why they're the perfect addition to your dog's dental routine:

Munchbird's Bully Sticks:

  1. Premium Quality Ingredients: Crafted from free-range, grass-fed beef, ensuring a natural and nutritious treat.
  2. Long-Lasting Chew: Designed to withstand vigorous chewing, offering hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.
  3. Dental Health: Promotes healthy teeth and gums by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.
  4. High in Protein: Provides a protein-rich snack that supports muscle growth and overall well-being.
  5. Convenient Pack Size: Each pack contains 5" Bully Sticks in a pack of 5, perfect for treating your dog or sharing with canine friends.

Both Lamb Trotters and Bully Sticks are excellent options for promoting dental health in dogs due to their natural chewing action and texture.

Dental Health Benefits of Lamb Trotters and Bully Sticks

Mechanical Cleaning

The chewing action of both Lamb Trotters and Bully Sticks helps to mechanically clean the teeth. The rough texture of these treats scrapes away plaque and tartar buildup, reducing the risk of dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Stimulation of Saliva Production

Chewing on these treats stimulates saliva production in your dog's mouth. Saliva acts as a natural cleanser, rinsing away food particles and bacteria that can contribute to plaque formation and bad breath.

Gum Massage

The chewing action provides a gentle massage to your dog's gums, promoting healthy gum tissue and reducing the risk of gum inflammation or infection.

Long-Lasting Chews

Designed to be long-lasting, Lamb Trotters and Bully Sticks provide extended periods of chewing activity. This prolonged chewing helps to prolong the cleaning action on your dog's teeth and gums, promoting better dental health over time.

Incorporating Lamb Trotters and Bully Sticks into your dog's chewing routine can help support their dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup, stimulating saliva production, and promoting healthy gums.

Treat your furry friend to the best in natural dental care and long-lasting satisfaction with our Value Pack: Lamb Trotter & Bully Sticks Dog Chews. Shop now and give your dog the gift of flavor and fun!

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