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6 inch Beef Trachea Tubes Dog Treats (Style: Strong Odor that Appeals to Dogs)

6 inch Beef Trachea Tubes Dog Treats (Style: Strong Odor that Appeals to Dogs)

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Beef Trachea Tubes - 6 inch Dog Treats

Supporting Canine Joints with Natural Beef Trachea Chews

Discover why pet parents (and their furry companions) prefer our trachea chews:

  • Crafted from 100% beef trachea, offering a single natural ingredient.
  • Natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine for dog joint health.
  • Low-fat, additive-free, and hollow, providing safe, long-lasting chewing.
  • Fully digestible, unlike rawhide.
  • Sourced & made in the South America farms from grass-fed cattle.Β 
  • 100% natural -- no preservatives, additives, or flavorings.
  • Thoroughly washed, dried, and baked with natural smells attract dogs.

Made with Pure Ingredients

Our beef tracheas are sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle in South America. We ensure they're grown naturally, without pesticides, GMOs, or artificial additives.

Baked for Quality

Our tracheas undergo cleaning and drying process to eliminate bacteria yet remain the natural smell that attracts dogs.Β 

Supporting Joint Health

Tracheas are natural sources of chondroitin and glucosamine, aiding dogs in maintaining healthy joints. Keep your pet happily chewing while supporting their well-being.

Suitable for All Dogs

Perfect for gentle to moderate chewers, including puppies and seniors, these trachea chews cater to dogs of all ages and sizes. . The 6" size suits smaller and medium-sized breeds.

Single Ingredient:Β 100% Natural Beef Trachea

  • Crude Protein: 65% min.
  • Crude Fat: 10% min.
  • Crude Fiber: 1% max
  • Moisture: 14% max
  • Ethically sourced from happy, grass-fed cattle on family ranches in South America
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Free from antibiotics, pesticides, or GMOs
  • No added hormones or other additives

These RAW DOG Chews are intended for treating, rewarding, and supplementing your furry friend's diet. Serve them alongside your dog's regular food, allowing for gradual adjustment to new chew types before frequent indulgence.

All RAW DOG Chews are safe for dogs and puppies of any age, size, and breed, provided proper precautions are taken to remove any smaller pieces and closely monitor them. We strongly recommend supervising your pet while they chew and ensuring they have constant access to freshwater.

As a natural treat, variations in sizing, color, and appearance are expected. To mitigate the risk of injury and choking, supervise your pet during chewing sessions and select the appropriate size and type of treat based on your dog's current diet and age. Immediately discard any chew, bone, or treat if it splinters, breaks, or becomes small enough to pose a choking hazard.

Store these treats in a cool, dry location. They are not suitable for human consumption, and it's advisable to wash your hands after handling or feeding them to your pet.

For guidance on selecting the most suitable chew for your pup, please don't hesitate to reach out to us – we're here to assist you!

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