Free Gifts for Your Customers: Pet Photographer Partnership Program

Capturing Pawsome Moments: Munchbird's Partnership Program with Pet Photographers & Pet Photography Studios

In the world of pet photography, every click captures a moment of joy, mischief, or unconditional love. At Munchbird, we understand the importance of these moments and the furry companions that make them special. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our partnership program with photographer studios, offering your clients' dogs a free pack of premium, all-natural, single-ingredient dog treats.

Munchbird Premium Dog Treats Munchbird Premium Dog TreatsMunchbird Healthy Dog Treats

Why Partner with Munchbird?

As a photographer studio, you strive to create memorable experiences for your clients, both human and furry. By joining forces with Munchbird, you can enhance these experiences by offering a special treat to your clients' beloved pets. Our premium dog treats are made with high-quality, single ingredients, ensuring that every pup enjoys a delicious and healthy snack during their photoshoot.


Benefits of Partnering with Munchbird:

Enhanced Client Experience:
Surprise and delight your clients by providing their furry friends with a tasty treat that shows you care about their entire family, including their pets.
Health-Conscious Choices:
Our single-ingredients, all-natural dog treats are free from artificial additives and fillers, giving pet parents peace of mind knowing they're feeding their dogs wholesome snacks.
Stand out from other photographer studios by offering a unique perk that sets your services apart and fosters client loyalty.
Marketing Opportunities:
Leverage our partnership to attract new clients and increase brand exposure through joint marketing efforts and social media collaborations.


How It Works:

Step 1: Sign Up
Joining our partnership program is easy! Simply fill out our online form to express your interest in collaborating with Munchbird.
Step 2: Receive Treats & Gift Cards
Once approved, you'll receive a supply of our premium dog treats to offer as complimentary gifts to your clients' dogs during photoshoots.
Step 3: Spread the Word
Share the news of your partnership with Munchbird on your website, social media channels, and promotional materials to let clients know about this special perk.
Step 4: Capture the Moments
Watch as dogs enjoy their delicious treats while you capture precious moments on camera, creating lasting memories for your clients.
Step 5: Customer Register
Have Customer Register on
Step 6: Share Photos
Share their photos of their pets with our products together with us.


Your customer will receive:

  • 1 full-size package of Munchbird Chicken Chips
  • Sampler C containing 4 treats: Lamb Trotter, Rabbit Ear, Chicken Jerky, Chicken Wrapped Egg Yolk
  • 1 gift card valued at $5

Totaling a gift value of $23.

Munchbird Chicken Chips Dog TreatsMunchbird Premium Chicken Chips Dog TreatsMunchbird Sampler Dog Treats

Join Us in Celebrating Pawsome Moments:

At Munchbird, we believe that every wag of a tail and every playful bark deserves to be celebrated. Join us in our mission to make every pet photoshoot an unforgettable experience by becoming a partner photographer studio today. Together, let's capture the love, joy, and companionship that pets bring into our lives, one click at a time.

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