Munchbird Breeder Program

Munchbird Breeder Program

Benefits for Breeders

Dedicated Webpage

We will create a dedicated webpage on our website to promote your breeding business. This page will feature your breeder story, photos, videos, and a backlink to your website or other social media channels, helping to increase your online visibility and reach.


Analytics Sharing

Additionally, as a benefit of our partnership, we offer periodic sharing of analytics for your dedicated page, allowing you to analyze traffic and engagement.

Example: Traffic report on the 3rd day after the page went live

Traffic report on the 3rd day

Co-Branding Posts and Giveaway Contests

For breeders with a strong social media presence and followers, we offer co-branding posts and giveaway contests hosted by your social channel tagging us as collaborator. This will help to further promote your breeding business and engage with your audience.

Ways to Include Our Treats in Your New Family Welcome Package

A. Do It Yourself

Pre-order from Munchbird at a discounted price and give to your new family when they pick up their puppy. As a special offer for breeders, we provide a buy one get one free deal on full-size chicken chips.Β  This allows you to send a matching gift to new families along with their puppy, promoting our treats and enhancing their experience.

B. Complementary Gift Card Option

In addition, we can provide you with a promo code or 20 complementary gift card ($10 value)Β  each month to pass onto your new families. They can use this to claim a free chicken chip with their first order as a welcome gift.

Preorder Buy One Get One Free

Qualified breeders who have passed our screening are eligible to preorder up to 20 packages of chicken chips per month, each including complementary matching gifts of chicken chips. This program is completely commitment-free, ensuring a risk-free experience aimed at enhancing the journey for new puppy families through collaboration between breeders and Munchbird. The offer is limited to a retail value totaling $260 per month for the complementary chicken chip gifts. (Calculation: Chicken Chips $12.99 per package * 20 packages = $260)

What We Ask in Return

Feature Munchbird as Your Partner

We kindly request that you feature Munchbird as your partner on your website. This can be done through a dedicated section or by displaying our logo and link to our website.

Share Photos

We ask that you share photos of the new family's puppy with our treat bag. These photos will be used to update your dedicated company page on our website and to post on our social media channels tagging your account, showcasing our partnership and promoting both your breeding business and our treats.

We believe that by working together, we can provide puppies and their new families with the best possible start. If you're interested in joining our breeder program or have any questions, please reach out to us at We look forward to partnering with you!

Warm regards,

The Munchbird Team

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